Sunday, December 27, 2009

For Christmas I gave Dad this framed picture, taken the second after his team won the national championship game (on a last second Hail Mary three-pointer, no less). You can see my mother and my sister, Sherry, having a sort of religious experience.

Julie: I like it. It captures the moment.
Mom: Oh, I look terrible. Ron, that is not going up in your office.
Sherry: Wait... why were you taking a picture then?
Mom: That picture might disappear.
Dad: I like it.

It's hard to follow up an undefeated championship season. So far it's gone okay. They're already not undefeated, but they're winning more than losing.

Sarah flew back to Chicago yesterday for a family event, a christening. When she was gone I thought I'd have a few days of not hearing, "let me see the ring," but I realized that, out in public, the same thing happens to my dad. People want to see the championship ring. Sitting in a booth at Outback Steakhouse, men walking by stop and say, "Coach, I gotta see the ring," or, "The ring. Show me the ring."

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