Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tonight we saw a free advanced screening of 'World's Greatest Dad.' We've gone to a lot of screenings over the last year. And as grateful as I am for them and as much as I love going, I'm starting to get a little burnt out. I find myself enjoying less of them, enjoying movies less. I almost didn't go tonight, even though I'd heard good things about the movie.

Sarah wanted to go, though, so we did, and it was great. Funny and very dark.

Afterward there was a Q&A with the director, Bobcat Golthwait. The mics weren't working but it was the best Q&A I've seen in a while. "I can just project. Luckily I spent some time as a screaming comic in the 80s."

The host for the evening pointed out that Tim Kazurinsky was sitting in the front row. I've probably had about a half dozen Kazurinsky sightings in the handful of years I've lived in Chicago. He tops my list of repeat celebrity sightings.

Host: I just had to point it out. It's like a mini-Police Academy reunion.
Golthwait: Yep. And... Micheal Winslow is here too!
[everyone laughs]
Kazurinsky: He actually was here last week.
Golthwait: Really?
Kazurinsky: Yeah. We had lunch together.

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