Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A conversation Sarah and I had recently over Gchat.

Sarah: I'm bored.
Me: Then you should write an entry for my blog.
Sarah: huh?
Me: Just write an entry for my blog. Write one for me.
Sarah: no, that \
Sarah: that's your blog!
Sarah: plus I don't have a picture to write about/be inspired by.
Me: Take one.
Sarah: I would write that you are dumb.
Me: So be it.
Sarah: And that I am an awesome girlfriend.
Sarah: And that the robots are coming.
Sarah: Maybe I would recount all the bad things that have happened in our relationship since the blog started, that you have not mentioned.
Me: That would be interesting.
Sarah: The things that would actually be interesting to a reader, but that we don't have the balls to air in public, and that's the reason there are so many pictures about plants.


Young said...

(Nervously runs finger between neck and collar)

Anonymous said...

so when we get a plant post, that means you guys had a fight?

Anonymous said...

That was the awkwardest post I've ever read. Well done.