Thursday, September 3, 2009

I bought my car in Arizona, long ago, during a different time (living with someone else). Like most cars bought in Arizona, it has tinted windows. Deeply, seriously, ominously tinted.

Tinted windows are technically illegal in Chicago, but over years of driving around and parking outside, I've gotten maybe two tickets for it. So, I've been too lazy to do anything about it.

Last night, heading back from the movie, Sarah and I were driving through a borderline borderline shady part of town when a cop pulled me over.

Me: I wonder what this is about? I didn't roll through that stop sign did I?
Sarah: No. It's probably your windows.
Me: I've never been actually pulled over for that.
Sarah: Maybe you're being racially profiled.

The cop did seem a little confused by me. Eventually he came back with my license and told me I could go. "You should get that fixed. I hear the court fees these days for tinted windows is up to $250. And with Obama now, you can't afford that, huh?" Then he walked off.

Sarah: What did he say?
Me: Something about how I can't afford to pay $250 because of Obama.
Sarah: Wait... what? What does that even mean?
Me: I don't know. But I think I might have been racially profiled in both directions.

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Shaun said...

He probably used to say, "You should not worry about getting that fixed, I hear the court fees these days for tinted windows is up to $250. And with Bush in office, you can easily afford it."