Saturday, September 19, 2009

The fancy spread after the Whirled News sixth anniversary show. For the after-after-party we went to the Korean Karaoke rooms up north and sang until about 3 in the morning. (Aside: I am a terrible terrible singer)

Forgive me for explaining the premise of the show for the hundredth time, but here goes. Audience members cut articles out of the week's newspapers and put them up on a board. During the first act of the show we randomly pick articles and improvise scenes inspired by those articles. For example, an article about the recent discovery that the Tyrannosaurus Rex evolved from an originally eight foot tall dinosaur, inspired a scene where Alex, Padraic and I played dinosaurs that were outraged that their children were being taught evolution in school.

For the second act, we had a special guest, an editor for the Chicago Sun-Times, who told funny stories about the newspaper business but also talked about the grim state of the industry in general and the Sun-Times in particular (in case you haven't been following it, the Sun-Times is in very real danger of closing up shop).

Editor: [monologizing during the show] I've been with the paper for 19 years. 20 in December, if we make it that long.

Closing out the show, Shane gave a nice little speech, thanking our director, Chin, and our tech guy, Brady, and yelling that we plan to be around "for another six years! There's no getting rid of us!"

Me: I've been wondering... assuming we're still around, what happens to this show when there are no more newspapers?
Shane: I think you just blew my mind.

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Shaun said...

Everyone in that picture looks like they are having the most miserable time in the world.