Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sarah: I had dreams the last two nights that we had broken up and I ran into you at a party and you were with someone else.
Me: Uh oh.
Sarah: It was really sad. And not just one night. Two nights.
Me: Who was I with?
Sarah: Some stranger. No one I know.
Me: That was at least thoughtful of me. Not going out with someone you know.
Sarah: I kept trying to get you alone and trying to convince you that we should get back together.
Me: What did you say?
Sarah: What do you mean?
Me: What did you say to convince me that we should get back together?
Sarah: I don’t know, just that I was still in love with you.


Deanna Moffitt said...

Arnie, I love your blog. It's such a simple and sweet glimpse into your life with Sarah. And other aspects of your life.

Just wanted you to know you have a fan.

Mike S. said...


Shaun said...

Then you tried to make a Seinfeld reunion because you and Sarah met while watching "Seinfeld."