Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sarah and I took Allie (and Sarah's brother, Jesse) to a White Sox game. Our tickets included access to the "Patio" before the game, which was really just a depressing concrete cafeteria. Still, there was free food and beer.

Allie: It's nice to see you and Sarah together. And kind of weird. I don't think I know anybody that's at the same stage as you two. Most of my friends are, you know, just in college and dating. And then there are, like, Mom and Dad, or Julie and Matt. Adults, married with kids. It's interesting that I don't know anyone else in that in-between place.

I was going to tell her that it's just her age. She's just in college. Soon she'll see there are tons of couples like Sarah and I. But then, I couldn't think of many myself anymore.


Anonymous said...

yeah. it's sad. we're a dying breed.

Anonymous said...

it's katie by the way.