Saturday, August 1, 2009

Allie and Sarah wanted to get pedicures, so, to be a a good sport, I decided to get one too. My first pedicure. It was mostly pleasant. Relaxing if slightly awkward. When it was done, I over-tipped slightly because it felt weird that someone was forced to work with my feet.

That evening Allie watched my Whirled News show.

Allie: I was sitting next to... I guess, the owner, Charna... I was sitting in the front row next to her real estate agent. She told me her whole life story.

Allie also explained that during intermission she overheard several people say that the show was, "better than they expected."


Innisanimate said...

What? no nail polish, Arnie?

Anonymous said...

I can certainly tell who's related.