Saturday, August 22, 2009

Our plants haven't been doing so well, so we headed over to Gethsemane, a fancy plant store, for supplies and advice.

Me: Isn't Gethsemane from some Bible story? A Biblical place?
Sarah: Probably some Bible place with plants.
Me: It was where Jesus fought the plants.

[Looking it up online now, it was where Jesus hung out the night before he was crucified. I'm not sure why I recognized the name. Maybe because it was the title of an X-Files episode.]

We wandered among the trees and shrubs for awhile, looking for a plant expert that looked approachable.

Plant Expert: Dying leaves are a sign of stress. Signs of stress are how the plant tells you something's wrong. But being transplanted is stressful by itself. It could just be adjusting to the move. I'd say, be vigilant. Watch. You may not be doing anything wrong. Or you might.

These things are hard to know.


Casey said...

it sounds like "plant expert" is too strong a term

Natalie said...

I shake my Catholic head at you not knowing Gethsemane. Not only the place where our Lord was given up, but also arguably the best song in Jesus Christ Superstar.