Sunday, August 23, 2009

One of the nice things about The People In Your Neighborhood shows I’ve been doing lately with friends, is that we’ve fallen into the habit of bringing things for each other to borrow. It's a swap-fest backstage.

I borrow ‘The Walking Dead’ from Nick. Meador borrows ‘Twilight’ from Megan. Alex borrows ‘Green Lantern’ from Brady.

Here’s Trupe with some comics he borrowed from Martin.

Trupe: Wonak makes fun of me when she sees me reading them. "Are you reading your pictures again?" She’ll go get other pictures around the house for me to read. It's really an extended bit.
Me: I like that you both loath the books the other is reading.

Wonak is reading the same Song of Ice and Fire books Sarah and I are enjoying.

Trupe: I always ask her if there are any dragons in the part she's reading.

[Also… Jill, the blur in the back of this picture, trying on her new People in Your Neighborhood t-shirt, was asking around if anyone owned season one of True Blood on DVD.

Jill: There’s a lot of Netflix drama at home right now. Robb’s working his way through Mad Men. He says. But the disc has been sitting there, unwatched, all week. And I can’t get the next True Blood disc until he returns it!]


Arnie said...

By the way, next Sunday is the last People in Your Neighborhood show.

Megan said...

Also by the way...Jill I own season 1 of true blood and I will bring it for you on Sunday! Evidently I am in charge of providing all vampire related swaps for this show.

Arnie said...

Megan, can I borrow George Hamilton's Love At First Bite?