Friday, August 21, 2009

On my way home from work, I stopped at Sam's Wine to pick up some drinks for the weekend.

The check-out girl was lazily flirting with one of her co-workers as I walked up to the counter. She pointed to my t-shirt and said, "Two players. I'm like two players." The guy laughed and said, "It says two player." I actually think it's meant to read "Player Two" but I kept that to myself.

Girl: Well, whatever, I'm two players. More than just a player.
Guy: Oh really. Do you hear this?
Me: I do.
Girl: I've got two boyfriends.
Guy: No you don't. Really?
Girl: Sure I do. One of them's imaginary, but I got two.
Guy: That don't count.
Girl: Sure it does. He's great.
Guy: You're not a child. You don't get to have imaginary people if you're not a child.

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Anonymous said...

To think I am still single at my age...all I have to do is IMAGINE I'm not. Brilliant.