Sunday, July 12, 2009

Overall, the religious Chautauqua was more laid back than I would have expected going in. Still, for a bunch of young(ish) performers, just in town for the night, there wasn't much to do after the show.

On our Special Groups pass it read, "Activities include: Chaplain's Hour, Vesper Services, Seminars, Walk the Many Paths." More importantly it explained that there was, "no alcohol."

We sheepishly asked the woman at our hotel's front desk for directions to the nearest town, you know, maybe one with a bar... and she gave us directions like it was no big deal, which I suppose it isn't.

So we had some drinks.

Me: Do many people come in here from over at the religious resort?
Bartender: Oh yeah. All the time. There's no alcohol over there. It's a big chunk of our business.


Sarah said...

Glynn is still smelling Marla's food for poison? I thought that ended years ago...

Natalie said...

Christians are the best drinkers!!!!

Shaun said...

I picture a bunch of people sneaking in from the religious resort in trenchcoats and large hats ordering drinks in really deep gruff voices, constantly looking around.