Saturday, July 11, 2009

The theater at the resort is huge. Like an airport hangar. Jumbo screens on both sides of the stage so people way in the back can see.

Me: Imagine this place filled, just packed. Now imagine them all boo-ing. It would be kind of amazing, wouldn't it?

You never know how many people are going to show up for these things. A big crowd could still look pretty small in this place.

The theater staff is incredibly kind and helpful.

Event Coordinator: Obviously, you'll need to keep it pretty clean, but, you know, language-wise... you could probably get away with... oh... "shit?"
Marla: Oh really?
Padriac: I don't think we'll need to say shit.
Event Coordinator: No drug references or anything like that, although you could say something like, "Oh, I'm tipsy."

Leading up to the show, each of us at one point said some variation of, "It's the shows you're most worried about that usually end up being the best." We'd all nod. Later on someone else would say it as if it hadn't been said before. Like someone saying, "It's actually a sign of good luck," during a rainy wedding.

It turned out to be true this time. I'm not sure where they all came from, but there were somewhere between a thousand and two thousand people in the seats. You couldn't really take them all in, just deal with the audience in the front half.

I wouldn't say the show was easy, but it was fun, and they seemed to like it, even the "racy" stuff, like me saying I was the runner up for 'America's Next Bottom Model' and offering to autograph pictures of my bum.

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