Monday, July 13, 2009

Sarah and I currently have our first houseguest in our new apartment.

Sarah’s friend, Knauf, who moved to Denver a little over a year ago to (literally) join the circus. Or some kind of small cast art circus, anyway. He’s touring the country now, and Sarah invited him to stay in our guest room/computer room/sick bay.

Sarah: He’s been sleeping in a bus. He’s a carnie. A carnie sleeping in a bus.

Luckily, Sarah had just ordered some bedding for that spare bed. Unfortunately, as soon as she opened it, she said, “This is not what I ordered.” Oh well, we don’t have to sleep on it (although we do, as someone pointed out in the comments section here, sleep under a comforter that looks like a giant piece of bacon).

Sarah made the bed, and on top of the turquoise comforter, set the ironic turquoise dress she wore a few months back to a prom party. “It matches.”

Knauf immediately tried to put it on.

Oh, circus folk.

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