Friday, July 10, 2009

Ohio. Another Whirled News Tonight road show.

I have to admit we were a little trepidations when we realized we were performing at a religious resort/gated community. Which is not to say that we can't do a clean show, or that we don't usually do a clean show when we're on the road, but a satirical news-based improv show seems like an odd choice for that kind of crowd. Plus "religious gated community" sounds vaguely ominous, right?

Not to mention that our parking spot is "Reserved for the Chaplain of the Week." No pressure.

It's a beautiful town(?), though. Quaint, in a Pleasantville sort of way.

Eddie: It's like that place from 'Saved By the Bell' where they worked that one summer.


Megan said...

Marla is rocking one fierce Beyonce style pose in this pic! Work it!!

Martin J. Sullivan said...

This looks like the greatest band EVER.

Arnie said...

Hold on... the former president of AIG reads my blog?