Thursday, February 18, 2010

I don't tend to have nightmares, but recently I had what can only be described as a night terror. Sarah woke me up.

Sarah: You were yelling "help" and "no." You started off quiet, but got louder. Jerking around. You sounded so sad and scared. I wanted to wake you up but... I thought you were going to bite me, like how a dog does if you wake it up from a nightmare. That's all I kept thinking..."He's going to bite me"

I don't remember the dream. According to Sarah I said, "Someone was in the house." All I remember is being terrified, stuck, frozen in place from fear, almost midscream, locked-in.

More than that, though, I remember the rush of relief and gratitude after she woke me up. And I remember thinking, "You saved me." It's seems melodramatic during the light of day, and maybe even unhealthy if extended to some kind of overarching relationship metaphor, but in that moment in the dark I kept thinking, "Thank you. Thank you for saving me."

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