Wednesday, February 17, 2010

With only a couple weeks left, I'd like to return to an idea I had... to ask other people I've lived with to tell me how it was. How am I to live with?

Here's Eckart, backstage at iO among the coats. For years and years Eckart lived in a huge apartment with a rotating cast of roommates, mostly fellow improvisers. For three months, I occupied one of those rooms, during a transitional period between a lease ending and another bigger move.

Me: So the question is, how was I to live with?
Eckart: [thinks for a long time] Agreeable? [silence, and then realizing maybe he should say more] Uh... easy going. It was good. You were easy to live with.

Eckart gave up the apartment equivalent of a La Ronde a couple years ago to move in with his girlfriend. Now they're actually in the process of trying to buy a house together.

Eckart: Fingers crossed.

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