Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I got back to Chicago to find Sarah feverishly doing wedding research online. She seemed a little stressed out.

Me: Look, it’ll be okay. We’ll just prioritize. Here’s my list of importance. One… your dress.
Sarah: Really? You’re not just saying that?
Me: It’s important you look good. Two… booze. Three… friends, having our friends be there. Four… venue. And then everything else.
Sarah: Do you want to hear my list? One… everything. [laughs nervously] And two.. everything I haven’t thought of yet.


Anonymous said...

This Chicago area bride did a bunch of research on various venues and other stuff - maybe you and Sarah would get some ideas from her. http://chicagoweddingbridal.com/

Walking Into Pictures said...

Thank you!

Hansen said...

Regarding a location -- I don't know how large a reception you will have, but Julie and I had about 100 people and bypassed dedicated halls and approached restaurants instead. We ended up getting a great deal that way (suburban Italian restaurant ended up winning).