Saturday, January 16, 2010

I went to see the Backrow's yearly show at Sketchfest. The Backrow is a sketch group made up of a number of my good friends (Nick and his wife, Katie; Trupe and his wife, Wonak; Meador; Alexandra; Holper). They all went to college together and they still perform together now, even though it's just one show a year at Sketchfest.

Trupe: This is our ninth Sketchfest show, can you believe it? Next year might have to be our last one. It's getting too hard to get anything done with all our kids at rehearsals. Ten, though. Ten would be good to go out on.

Family and friends went out for drinks at Sheffield's afterward, thinking it might not be too crowded. The place has three big rooms. But the back two rooms were booked for birthday parties. As one of the waiters explained, "This one's for a 40th birthday party, and this one's for a 50th."

So, the one open room was pretty packed.

Meador:They'll be out of there soon, right? A 40th and a 50th?
Me: That's what I said, but the waiter said the 40th was booked until midnight and the 50th was booked until 1.
Nick: What?! Those old people are going to stay up later than us!

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Alexandra said...

Is it pathetic that I'm genuinely excited that my ear and pony tail made the blog?