Friday, January 15, 2010

I've done a couple of these blogs now. A couple "Years of..."

I like to have links over on the side, you should be able to see them there on the right, links to the blogs or websites of people who have appeared in that year's blog. It's satisfying as the year goes on to see that list of links get longer.

As the end of this blogs draws near(ish), I've noticed that this year's list is significantly shorter than from years past. Part of that is laziness, I'm sure there are a number of links I should have put over there but forgot. But still... it seems pretty clear that I saw less people this year.

Of course, the theme of this year's blog suggests a limited focus, but it's more than that. There's no getting around it, I'm becoming a homebody. I go out less. I stay out less late. I see less people. Part of getting older, I guess. Settling down.

Sometimes I worry that there's something sad about that, and maybe there is. But there's something good about that too. It's good to be happy to be home. It's where the heart is.

Ironically, I almost called this blog 'A Year in Pictures of Travel' (just like I almost used that theme for my last blog before settling on Comedy), and I have traveled some, sure, but usually, and increasingly, I'm right here at home.


Anonymous said...

"Of course, the theme of this year's podcast"

Or...maybe that podcast you've been doing has been distracting you.


Arnie said...

Oops, yeah, I wrote "podcast" instead of "blog." Fixed it. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Arnie! You're a having another "a year of" blog, right? Like you can do a year of being married or something... we'll miss you!

Gene said...

Your next theme should be "A Year Of Blogging"