Friday, December 11, 2009

Second City, one of Chicago's most historic theaters (comedy or otherwise) is celebrating its 50th anniversary this weekend, with some incredible shows and reunions.

Steve, a TourCo performer, got me in to the SCTV reunion show party as his "plus one." A big chunk of the original cast of that classic TV show reuniting for a night of live theater. We weren't in the theater itself (those tickets were crazy expensive) but got to watch the show simulcast on big screens in the fancy new training center space in the building.

Ed Grimley. Edith Prickley. Count Floyd. Pretty incredible.

Sure, there was a bit of a disconnect, watching it projected rather than live. We'd hear the tinny roar of applause through the speakers between sketches, and in our room upstairs, a round of real applause would start and then awkwardly sputter out, people wanting to show their appreciation, but also feeling a bit odd, because, well... they couldn't hear us.

Still, the show was great, as was the party surrounding it. Free drinks, sushi, friends who I don't see that often because they're busy at Second City and I'm busy at a different theater... and of course, every time you'd turn around another moderately obscure comedy celebrity. Hey, it's Larry David's dad from 'Curb Your Enthusiasm!' Look, it's the guy who played 'Sledgehammer!'

And I mean no insult by "moderately obscure." Sure, a lot of bigger names will be in the building tomorrow, but I was genuinely jazzed to see "that guy from 'Not Necessarily the News'!" And yes, I saw several celebrities whose names I do know, but I'm not going to write those here because, like stumbling across a YouTube video of some show that's been lodged in your brain since childhood but you could never remember its name and sometimes questioned if it existed at all... I was a lot more excited to see "that guy from 'Herman's Head'!"


Innisanimate said...

NNTN... The guy with the mustache, or the guy who used to be fat? Or the sniglet guy?

Arnie said...