Thursday, December 10, 2009

Work Holiday Party.

We had drinks and an amazing dinner at Roy's a fancy Hawaiian-fusion place.

There was a lot of debate all week about where to go for the after-party (karaoke? bowling?). Numerous company-wide e-mail surveys. Finally we settled on buying a bunch of booze and coming back to the office to drink and hang out.

That may sound kind of boring ("why would you want to go back to your office?") but it was inexpensive and fun.

Chris, by the way, has a (totally deserved) reputation for giving terrible speeches at our parties. This year he was half-jokingly (but half-seriously) forbidden from giving a speech at dinner from the higher-ups. When we got back to the office, though, he stepped up on a desk to make a speech. I'm not sure what he said, because we were all too busy boo-ing him.

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