Saturday, November 14, 2009

I skipped my regular Whirled News show to watch the last show of Sarah's improv group, Cowlick. They'd been performing together at the Playground for six years. But half of them have moved away and the other half are busy with families and generally getting older, so they decided to retire the group with a big final show.

During the heartfelt speeches portion of the show, Mary Beth said, "I moved to Chicago with a plan. I'd be here for two years. That would be enough time to get cast on the Second City Mainstage and then move on a deal with Saturday Night Live or something like that." Knowing laughter from audience. "None of that stuff happened, but being a part of Cowlick, and knowing how much we loved each other and how much we enjoyed playing with each other... it felt like had. And now it's over, and it's six years later and I realize that these guys tricked me, and I'm very angry at all of them."

Later there were drinks and sad goodbyes (even though they've already planned a group cabin trip for early next year).

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