Friday, November 13, 2009

I went with Young and Trupe to see Nick's high school production of 'The Diary of Anne Frank.' It was one of the stronger production I'd seen Nick direct.

Oddly, Young and I had small cameo's in the play, our voices at least. Nick had asked us to record some of the radio snippets that appear briefly in the production. Young was British and Dutch. I was German. My lines were, "All Jews must be out of the German-occupied countries before July first. The province of Utrecht will be cleansed of Jews between April first and May first, and the provinces of North and South Holland immediately thereafter. Immediately thereafter."

I recorded a couple takes on my computer and sent it to Nick in an email apologizing that it wasn't very good, but maybe he could find a take that would work. I'm not great with accents. That double, "immediately thereafter" at the end was especially tough.

It was painful to listen to myself during the play, especially since Nick had edited it so that the "immediately thereafter"s repeated over and over, at first for eerie dramatic effect, but then going on long enough to seem that it was honestly only happening to make me squirm. (Later Nick admitted he'd done it on purpose. "Oh yeah, I added a couple extra ones to make fun of you. I wonder if it was a slight detriment to the show.")

Afterward we hung out in the lobby with Nick's wife, Katie, so she wouldn't have to wait by herself.

Katie: After the shows I just have to stand around for a while and be the director's wife, you know.

A few of the cast members walked by, on their way to the wrap party.

Cast Member: Hey, was one of the you the Dutch voice?
Katie: That was him.
Cast Member: And the German too?
Young: That one wasn't me.
Katie: This guy was the German voice.
Cast Member: Thanks for doing it. They were great.
Young: Thanks.
Me: Trust me... you were all much better.

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