Saturday, August 8, 2009

For their 35th anniversary, my parents took a trip to Boston. Mom sent me a fun email with several pictures and captions (sort of like her own little photoblog).

Sarah lived in Boston for quite a while when we were first dating. Long distance was tough, but the up side was having an excuse to visit Boston a couple times.

In fact, just shy of three years ago, I posted a picture on one of my old blogs of Sarah in the same church that my parents visited. You can see that picture here.


Ryan said...

I lived a block from there when I was performing in Boston. I remember when I was leaving, and Sarah had just arrived, Micah and I talked to her on our roof where you can see the steeple where the lanterns were hung "one if by land, two if by sea."

Sarah definitely did not cry up there for any reason at all.

Cupcake said...

There are those walled pews again. Thanks to Anonymous, I know what I'd be praying for.

Walking Into Pictures said...

In fairness, I cried because I was stuck on a roof with you and Micah. And because I'm a wussy wuss.