Friday, August 7, 2009

Dinner at the Ethiopian restaurant in our neighborhood.

This is our second time eating Ethiopian, so we're experts now! The food is served on a communal plate and you eat with your hands (actually, I guess, supposedly just your right hand, unless you're a leftie like Sarah), scooping food up with sheets of pancake-y bread.

There's a nice Ethiopian tradition ("gursha") where you feed someone your first bite and they'll feed you their last.

Here's Sarah eating my last bite of dinner.

I didn't see anyone else in the restaurant doing this.


Arnie said...

Back in Januray, Sarah and I (along with Young and a couple other improvisers) came up with the idea of starting a sort of Adventure Club, doing one weird/fun thing each month and then blogging about it. It never really got off the ground, and we gave up on it before it barely began.

Still, you can read about our first foray into Ethiopian cuisine there.

(And read a little about our visit to the Sensory Deprivation Tanks)

Proxy said...

Next time y'all go Ethiopian, there's a great place by my work (a.k.a. over where Glynn lives-ish)