Saturday, June 27, 2009

About a week ago, Meador took the NCLEX, the "test that determines whether or not I am competent enough to take care of your loved ones."

Meador: [via email] That test was one of the single worst experiences of my life. I sincerely think I may have failed. I kind of want to hurt myself right now.
Nick: Don't hurt yourself, Meador! You're clearly not ready to take care of your injuries. I'm sure you aced it. You remember what you told me - people who thought they did great, failed, people who thought they bombed it, nailed it. You're in!

Nick was right. He passed.

Me: Do you know how much you passed by? Did you get a percentage or anything?
Meador: No. It just said, "Pass." I don't know what it would have said otherwise. "Fail." "Did Not Pass." "Try Again."


Young said...

I like your phone's "key party" background theme.

Shaun said...

Maybe the test is to see if you are worried about passing the test, like some sort of crappy episode of Lost.