Friday, June 26, 2009

Sarah was hanging out in the air-conditioned front room, watching TV, and I was in the computer room ("sick bay"). I thought I heard my name so I walked over to the couch.

Me: Did you say something?
Sarah: What?
Me: Did you say, "Arnie, I need you"?
Sarah: I didn't say anything.
Me: Did someone on the TV say, "Arnie I need you"?
Sarah: No.
Me: Hmm. I could swear I heard that.

I went back into the computer room. Half a minute later, we blew a fuse. The whole apartment went dark. For two seconds, there was complete silence, no air conditioner, no TV. Then Sarah yelled, "Arnie, I need you!"


Jon said...

Is this how the Nicholas Cage movie "Next" starts out?

Anonymous said...

A glitch in the Matrix perhaps.

Shaun said...

So the first thing you do is run to the next room and take a picture...

Braidwood said...

Then Sarah yelled, "Arnie, I need you!"

Oh my gosh, you guys are hilarious! I've been enjoying reading your blog. I will now return to my regularly scheduled Sunday.