Sunday, June 14, 2009

The improv show I alluded to earlier, with a cast of my friends who semi-retried performer friends, has opened. Chicago's ComedySportz theater is experimenting with having Sunday night shows, and my show, The People in Your Neighborhood, is one of the three you can see for $5.

We've got a run through the summer, assuming the three Sunday night shows can bring in enough audience/money, which is a big if.

Tonight the first group had to cancel because no one showed up. Here we are standing around in the theater bar, waiting to see if anyone shows up for our show.

Nick: Are you guys bringing ANYBODY?
Trupe: Not tonight.
Nick: Guys, I brought our entire audience last week. I can't carry this entire run.
Hansen: I'll bring in a big group from my law firm, soon. We'll order a bunch of tickets in advance. How about you Meador, when are you bringing in some nurses?
Meador: I'll send out a plug tomorrow over email.
Nick: If we don't bring in people, we're going to get canceled.
Hansen: I guess I'm going to have to spend $500 at the bar tonight.

About ten people showed up. A light house, but enough to go on with the show. For now.

So here's my plug:

Come see The People in Your Neighborhood at the ComedySportz theater. Sundays. The night starts at 7, but our show is at 8. $5, three shows, come and go as you please. Buy drinks.


Arnie said...

The cast: Me, Young, Nick, Meador, Trupe, Hansen, Martin, Jill, Megan, Alex

Brad said...

I'm not sure how I feel about supporting anything that helps Hansen...

Natalie said...

Oh boy, thanks for that glowing plug of the 7pm show. Uniformless!! 7pm!! $5!!! Then stay for those other jerks.