Monday, June 15, 2009

Driving Sarah back from the airport yesterday, we got stuck in Bluesfest traffic, and as the car slowly creeped along, Sarah mentioned that she’d read a recent update on my blog.

Sarah: Your blog is… [starts laughing] boring.
Me: [laughing] It is boring, isn't it?
Sarah: So boring.

I’ve suspected this for a while. Maybe I’m burnt out. Maybe it’s the subject matter.

A few months back one of my bosses said pretty much the same thing.

Boss: Your new blog is boring. You should just go back to writing about the funny stuff that happens here at work. Funny stuff happens here. But, I’m sorry, your relationship is boring. Your blog is boring.

I may be one of the few bloggers in the world with a boss who wants me to write about work more.

Sarah has her own advice for what would make the blog better. “Write more about your feelings.” She may be right, despite the fact that “talking about your feelings” seems like a stereotypically girlfriendy solution.


Michael said...

Eh, whatever. I don't find it boring. I like it a lot. It's engaging. I wouldn't keep reading if I thought otherwise.

I really like it. So, if you keep doing what you're doing, I'll keep reading.

I think it doesn't fucking matter. Relationships and life are "boring," not always "exciting" or whatever the fuck. I feel like you tell the truth. That's what's important. To me, at least.

Your blog feels original. Probably because it's your voice.

More pics of Young being Youngy.

I mean, come on: You did a year following the breakup, and that was fairly filled up with "talking about your feelings."

Do whatever, and I'll keep reading.

Kind of a jumble of thoughts, and finally, in the end...

I like reading the blog.

Sarah said...

By "feelings" I mean "run ins with the law."

Anonymous said...

Yup. V. boring. Ohh! get engaged!

Tubbs said...

I don't think it's boring at all. I've enjoyed all of your blogs so far, and I'm enjoying this one too.

Now my blog, that's boring.

Young said...

Sarah stop posting as anonymous. It's pathetic.

AmandaL said...

For the record, I never said your relationship is boring. Just your blog about your relationship.

Innisanimate said...

Me sitting on an exercise ball is so NOT boring!

Evan said...

Yes! Do a whole blog about Innis! Please!

Shaun said...

Well, this is what would happen if your focus was "interesting:"

DNfromMN said...

Ok, as someone who doesn't know you (I got linked to one of your blogs over a year ago through designboner, I think): I read through all your blogs, and I just choose not to comment because I feel like a creeper since I don't know you.

I like that it's just a short few paragraphs about someone else's life, and you're damn funny.

Thanks, your creepy fan.

Anonymous said...

Another creeper checking in...and I love your blog. I like its brevity and the humor you find in regular life. So, carry on.

Kari Anne said...

I actually like this blog second to your first one. The others were good -- but I'm a big fan of any type of relationship blog. Just saying - keep being normal. And stay away from her poor glasses.