Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A scream from the kitchen while I was working on the computer was not another mouse sighting or a cooking accident, but just Sarah finding the bag of M&Ms I'd hidden for her.

Sarah: When did you get these?
Me: I bought them with rat pellets. I figured I'd hide them until it seemed like you really needed them.
Sarah: So I found these right away.
Me: You found them right away.


Young said...

So does this mean that Sarah isn't reading your blog?

Arnie said...

I don't get it. Do you mean the other bag of M&Ms I already gave to her and blogged about a while back?

Sarah said...

Yeah, I don't get it either.

mszeles said...

Yeah. I don't get it.


No, I just... y'know... felt left out. 'Cause everyone else said it. And I really didn't know what everyone was talking about.

(Long pause).


(End of play).

Hey, Arnie. Nice blogging over the past... three years? Wow. Funny stuff. Interesting stuff. More Young photos, please. He's dreamy.

I don't follow too many blogs, and yours is one of them. I check out on a regular basis slog.thestranger.com, warrenellis.com, and huffingtonpost.com.

And your blog.

I hope you feel special.

Thanks for blogging and making my life a little bit more interesting.

Mike Szeles

Young said...

Mike, stop stalking me.

Yeah, I thought that was the first bag you hid. So, sue me.


P.S. Please don't sue me.
P.P.S. More Young photos please!

Going on 30 said...

I'm confused too. I thought you bought 2 bags before - gave Sarah one and then hid the other. This isn't that second bag?

Maybe I missed a post, but I check in just about everyday, so that's highly unlikely.

Hmmm....the M&M mystery.

Arnie said...

The original time I bought two bags when she requested one. The second was a surprise that I gave her almost immediately (and blogged about). This is a new different bag of M&Ms.

Poor writing on my part. Then again, I usually don't get this many comments on a post, so maybe I should make this blog more confusing in general.