Monday, June 1, 2009

One of my co-workers, Chris, decided last week that he was going to buy a last second plane ticket, fly to London and propose to his girlfriend who is over there to attend a wedding.

Chris: I bought a ticket last night. I'm flying out this afternoon. I'll get to London, figure out where the wedding is, walk in, surprise her, propose.

A good part of Thursday was spent discussing whether this was a good plan or not. It even came up during a conference call with a client. In this picture, Chris is talking to one of the clients that called him back after the meeting to offer her further thoughts on whether it's disrespectful to propose at a stranger's wedding.

One of the Bosses: Wow. I suppose it's a good sign that the client is invested in this trainwreck of a plan of yours, Chris.

The general consensus around the office was that, however romantic, the plan was a minefield of potential mishaps. But... a nonrefundable ticket was already purchased, so he flew off to London.

We haven't gotten many updates yet, but from the few we've spotted (Facebook: "Christopher is engaged"), it seems to have been a success.

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Arnie said...

Longtime readers of this blog series might get this joke...

Erik: Chris seemed more well prepared for his trip into the desert.