Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A long day of window unit procuring/installing. It didn't help that we were overheated and hadn't slept in a few days, so we weren't in the best state of mind.

Sarah hunted online for deals during the day, somehow getting into an e-mail fight with a guy from Craigslist.

Sarah: I am willing to take one for $40 and I can pick it up tonight. Thanks!
Craigslist Dude: I got 16 calls about them for 80. Four people are coming tonight to fight over them. How hot are you?
Sarah: Dude, gross.
Craigslist Dude: Half of the asking price during a heat wave? Give me a break!
Sarah: Sexual innuendos in an email chain about an air conditioner with a stranger? Go fuck yourself!
Craigslist Dude: I meant hot as in temperature now go fuck your mother and enjoy the heat wave Biotch!

When we finally did get a unit for the bedroom (with more to come for the rest of the apartment), it was my job to put it in the window. Easy, right? But all our windows are extra wide, far too wide for the side curtains that come with a window unit (it's almost as if the apartment was designed to have central air). After extensive struggling, I had to settle for the (hopefully temporary) solution of cardboard and duct tape to trap the cool air.

Sarah: [sadly] Our cardboard and duct tape home.
Me: We'll figure out something. Make it look nicer. I might get a sharpie and write, "Never forget."

Our bedroom is cool now, though, and we slept like the dead.


Arnie said...

The unit we got came from Sears. It was reasonably priced, but the online sale was a little misleading.

An excerpt from Sarah's online chat with a specialist:

Sarah: Will this be 20% off? I'm checking out and don't see the savings.
Sears: I do not see that discount being available.
Sarah: On the appliances home page it says 20% off of all Kenmore and Kenmore elite brands.
Sears: Please check the exclusions - see details.
Sarah: booooooooooooooo
Sears: I can certainly understand.

Shaun said...

I like how Sarah deals with merchants.

mlb_bobcats said...

You could get one of those sliding screens people used to use in their windows. Of course, that'd let the newly cool air out. Curses. It's sad that cardboard and duct tape really does seem like the solution.

Tabs said...

They also have these foam things that you cut to the size of your window & then they attach to the a/c with a sticky plastic thing.
But...I usually duct tape around it anyway. Because of bug intruders.