Thursday, May 21, 2009

I worked in the office through the night, finally taking the L home at 9 in the morning. Brain fried, I looked down and saw this little piece of graffiti. "Why does life have to hurt?"

Once home I slept a regular business day's worth of hours.

Waking up at dinner time, I felt a little disoriented and out-of-sync the rest of the evening. Sarah referred to it as "being in the Twilight Zone."

Sarah and I had recently watched the time travel movie 'Timecrimes' which led to a conversation about how she'd never seen the low budget time travel mind-bender 'Primer,' so we watched that this evening on the Netflix Instant Queue. Both movies deal with time travel in tiny loops, people just avoiding contact with their past and future selves, and by the end my own feeling of temporal dislocation was even greater. I couldn't shake the eerie sense that while I had worked through the night, another me had been at home sleeping, and while I slept during the day, that other me was in the office, doing my regular day's work.

Drifting off to sleep, I just hoped that some future(?) me didn't scrawl that sentence on the L train.

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