Saturday, April 25, 2009

Most of the video games I play anymore are two player games. It's more fun to play with Sarah than by myself.

Early on in our relationship, there was a copy of 'Gears of War' sitting around my old apartment and on a lazy afternoon we decided to try it out. I've never been a fan of shooters, and Sarah hadn't played a video game in years, but we discovered that it was fun to play together. Teamwork!

We've played dozens of games since then but 'Gears of War' (1 and 2) is a special favorite. While shooting aliens we make dumb jokes in gravely voices, impersonating the over-the-top space marines in the game.

Sarah: Marcus... Marcus... you'd make a good wife for me Marcus.
Me: Dom, you've been through a lot down in these caves. I don't think you're holding up too well.
Sarah: You're real pretty, Marcus.
Me: We'll get you some grief counseling when we get out of here, Dom.
Sarah: I need a new wife, Marcus!

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