Saturday, January 9, 2010

Since our birthdays are so close, Sarah and I have a joint party every year. This party consists of inviting a bunch of people to bar to have some drinks with us. For the last three years that bar has been the Grafton (which we both like, but oddly only ever go to during our yearly birthday party).

We don't make a reservation or anything, just show up. Every year I get stressed about it. Every year it ends up fine.

This year the back of the Grafton was even more packed than past years. In fact, a birthday party was already in full swing when we showed up. We were lucky to snag one table.

In this picture we're sitting around our one table while the party in the back sings, "Happy Birthday, dear Shaw--awn!"

But, like each year before, as friends showed up, space magically opened, and there was, for the most part, enough room for everyone.

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