Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Trying to find the origin of a strange beeping sound in your apartment, the kind of beeping that may come from, say, Sarah's ComedySportz stopwatch that she'd forgotten she'd taken home, can be disorienting at any time. More so late at night. More so right after you've watched 'The Hurt Locker,' a tense film about soldiers defusing IEDs in Iraq.

Sarah: [looking at stopwatch] This was beeping last night and I couldn't find it.
Me: Well, we found it now.
Sarah: Although... I'm not sure if I turned the alarm off or not.
Me: I guess we'll find out tomorrow. Maybe we should watch 'Blown Away.'

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Rance Rizzutto said...

CSz ref stuff gets you every time. I bought an electric whistle...you push a button an it makes a loud whistle sound...LOUD.

I went to Philly for a festival and took the whistle out of my bag and left it on the coffee table. Deanna had her laptop on a stack of magazines and as she shut down she managed to push one of the magazines onto the whistle.

It took her, a neighbor, and eventually the super about 10 minutes to find the source.