Sunday, December 13, 2009

Glynn and Brooke hosted a Whirled News Christmas brunch at their place.

Eddie brought his second daughter, Amelia, who had just been born 48 hours ago.

Eddie: She's real new. The price tag is still on.
Sarah and Megan: [at same time] So you could still take her back?
Sarah: Hey!
Megan: Yeah!
[Sarah and Megan high five]

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Arnie said...

Glynn wrote about the brunch on his blog:

"Hosted a brunch for the improv group on Sunday and it was a grand time. Mimosas were drained, eggbake was devoured and Secret Santa presents were exchanged.

"When it came time to open my gift, I was puzzled to receive an envelope with my initials on it and a computer-burned DVD inside. The giver explained that this was a placeholder gift since the real one was (a) fragile and (b) with his parents on it's way from Ireland.

"I immediately knew this meant a bottle of Paddy, a coveted brand of Irish whiskey that isn't marketed in the U.S. An outstanding gift indeed.

"Quoth Arnie: 'It was funny to watch your face go through the range of expressions at the DVD and then realizing what the real present was.'"