Monday, December 21, 2009

All social announcements and exchanges seem to be funneled through Facebook these days. We had to put a little thought into when exactly we'd update our relationship statuses (stati?), because it's like setting off a "we're getting married" bomb amongst our friends, friends of friends, and random improvisers who we don't really know.

Sarah had to send me a "change of relationship" request, which I confirmed. Her own little online version of asking me to marry her.

By the way, if you get engaged, and your fiancee sends you a Facebook request about it, it may take you a little while to find it on the Requests page. You'll have to scroll down below Friend Requests, Friend Suggestions, Event Invitations and Group Invitations.

Sarah's Facebook Status: "Sarah has decided that Arnie will now be referred to as 'The fi-ARN-ce.'"

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Shaun said...

who is "Max Partyzone?"