Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The iO Theater holiday party.

I ran into Adal and Louie who have recently gotten some internet notoriety for a prank Adal played on Louie. Louie went out of town for a few weeks, leaving a key with Adal so he could check on his mail, etc. Adal invited dozens of improvisers over and wrapped everything in Louie's apartment in Christmas wrapping paper. TV... wrapped. Curtains... wrapped. Toilet... wrapped. Even small things, shampoo, books, all the food in the refrigerator... all individually wrapped.

A YouTube video showing the wrapped apartment has been quickly getting tons of hits. You can see it here. (And here's a video of Louie's reaction, here.)

Me: It seems like it's going viral pretty fast.
Adal: Yeah. You can check the stats on the site and it's the number one most watched video of the day... in the Netherlands. But still.
Me: But still. Mark my words, this is going to end up with both of you on a talk show next week.

Apparently the original idea was to fill Louie's apartment with balloons. So many balloons that he wouldn't be able to walk in. And they'd leave a note and a pin hanging from his front door. But they found out at the last minute that Louie is deathly afraid of balloons popping, so they decided to be nice and go with the wrapping paper idea instead.

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