Thursday, December 3, 2009

Well, Officer _____, detinting the car windows wasn't as easy as just scraping it off with a razor blade like you suggested, but I was able to do it myself.

Sarah looked up 'how to' videos on YouTube, which is basically where she goes to answer all questions these days. The best approach seemed to involve using a steamer. We don't own a steamer, and my attempts to borrow one fell through (FYI: if you post something on Facebook about needing to borrow a steamer, you will mostly just get lots of amusingly vulgar jokes in response), so we bought a cheap little handheld travel SteamBuddy.

The side windows were surprisingly easy. But the back window was a terrible multi-day ordeal. Steam a little off, scrape. Steam a little off, scrape. Plus, I started to worry that I could damage part of the back window defroster. Finally I switched to using a hair dryer and it was more effective, allowing me to pull larger chunks of tinting away at a time. This may have been easier going if it weren't frigidly cold outside.

But it's done. And I feel sort of off, after spending so many hours in the back seat inhaling steam, hair dryer exhaust and window glue.

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