Sunday, December 6, 2009

Went to the fundraiser for the Donna Fund. A number of great comedy art pieces(/sketches) including Lacy's interpretation of Beowulf using 40-some Barbie dolls (pictured).

If you would like to make a donation to the fund, which raises money to offer dance scholarships to children and buy portable DVD players for children in hospitals, I have the information in the comments section.


Arnie said...

From the family's website:

"We are encouraging donations to the Donna Quirke Hornik Fund, a fund we are starting to support dance scholarships for children. This is not currently tax-deductible. Please send checks to us:

Donna Quirke Hornik Fund
2649 W. Greenleaf Ave., 1E
Chicago, IL 60645"

Arnie said...

I also thought I'd share this, which Donna's father wrote on the family's blog:

"The 'Good Art for Good Things' benefit went off last night. It was, dare I say, good fun. There was homemade glogg for sale, and some great, informal kinds of performances. The theater was full, and it had the low-key, high silliness atmosphere of a good party, which it was.

"At one point, Sheila and I both were thinking to ourselves, now, how does this relate to Donna? And the answer is that she inspired it. It's like the rock, dropped in the pond. The ripples aren't the same shape as the rock, but the rock made the ripples all the same."