Tuesday, November 10, 2009

As I've mentioned a couple times, Tom and I lived together off and on through college. One year in the dorm. Two years off-campus.

I asked him what I was like to live with.

Tom: I primarily think of it in terms of details, rather than overall impressions. Like, there seemed to be a lot of water-drinking. I always think of the dorm fridge water pitcher and the late-night evil thirst from pizza.
Me: Yeah. You really turned me on to water.
Tom: That's a very lame claim to fame. Also, it seemed like there were always multiple half-empty water glasses we both left on various flat surfaces in our apartment until it looked like a scene from the end of Signs. There definitely seemed to be constant music playing. If the TV wasn't on, which, really, I don't think it was that often during the day--there was constantly very good music playing. Even if it was good music I didn't like.

He means Leonard Cohen.

Tom: Part of what's difficult is that when I think of the apartment years, I mainly feel self-loathing because I think I was kind of self-obsessed and grating for the most part.
Me: I don't remember you being grating, but we did kind of become slightly less friendly as the living together went on. Naturally getting on each other's nerves. I always kind of figured it was more my fault than yours.
Tom: We should probably just blame [college friend we are no longer in touch with].
Me: Ha.
Tom: During the apartment years, you seemed to always be in some stage of relationship drama... though none of it was ever that dramatic. It was like very measured, calm drama. It's hard to think of anyone who wasn't having relationship issues during college, though.

When I was going to take Tom's picture, he had another suggestion.

Tom: Too bad you don't have the sombrero chicken. That's the image I'd use.
Me: I still have that thing at home.
Tom: Well. There you go. It's better than another picture of me staring dejectedly into the camera.

And here's the chicken now. For comparison purposes, I am holding up a picture of the chicken from our freshman year dorm room.

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Anonymous said...

sometimes in these old days, arnie would run in the room, panting, then stammer "i'm buildin' a fort..." and drain an entire glass of water in one gulp. and whenever i would call your apartment, before the age of cell phones, i always felt like i was on permanent hold. because of the smooth, on-hold-type music in the background. if i ever start a band, it will be called "on permanent hold with tom and arnie."