Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I wasn't sure why I was getting official mail from the Canadian government, but it was my official fishing license from my trip this summer. It'll expire before I ever get back there, so I put it in the shredder.

Halfway through shredding it I thought, "Am I really that concerned about someone stealing my fishing identity?"


Anonymous said...

Shreddin' stuff is fun!

Innisanimate said...

"Your license has been flagged due to some suspicious fishing activity on your account, sir. Did you catch a Canadian Walleye last Saturday the 22nd, and a Northern Pike the following Wednesday? If not, we'll go ahead and put a stop on those fish right away. You're not responsible for any of the outstanding bait fees."

John P. Glynn said...

The fish appears to be aware of his impending doom. - jpg