Saturday, October 24, 2009

My parents drove up for the Whirled News show in Ohio.

We actually performed on a stage set up on a university basketball court. In fact, since this university is so close to my hometown, it's a basketball court that I've seen my Dad's team play on numerous times growing up. So now, he got to watch me play there.

Attendance was so-so. It actually would have been a decent crowd for a fun show, except that due to a tiered pricing system, people were spread out all over the arena, instead of laughing together up front. Some people were seated way up near the rafters, because, well... those were the cheapest seats.

It was a decent show, though, and my parents seemed to enjoy it. Still, afterward in the van, I found myself saying, in language more athletic than usual, "It just didn't feel like a win."

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