Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mom sent me a magazine published by the university where my dad coaches. Campus and alumni news. There was a very nice article about my dad and his championship win. On a post-it note on the cover Mom wrote, "The lady that wrote the article on pp 32-34 sent us 5 extra magazines!!!"

I talked to Dad on the phone. He'd just given a speech at a banquet and was getting ready for a charity golf outing.

Me: The busy life of a celebrity.
Dad: Oh, I suppose. I suppose. I should probably enjoy it while it lasts. The new season starts soon. We might not do as well.
Me: You had a perfect season. It would be almost impossible to do as well.
Dad: Who knows. We could go from the penthouse to the outhouse.

I also talked to Mom.

Mom: I saw on your blog about Sarah's grandfather's 75th birthday. You know, your father is turning 60 pretty soon.
Me: That's right. You both have birthdays coming up in November.
Mom: Yes, but I'm not turning 60.

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