Monday, September 7, 2009

A Brief Guide to Video Games For Couples To Play Together Pt. 1 (in random order)

Halo/Gears of War/Resistance: I find first person shooters pretty boring to play by myself, but shooting aliens with your better half can be great. Sarah actually seems more into them than me. Sure, the stories are terrible, but you can run around, work together, and make jokes. The best part is, if one of you dies, the other can bring them back to life, which is a nice thing for a couple to do.

LEGO Star Wars/LEGO Indiana Jones: You'd think these would be the best couples games ever. Cute, light and fun. Something for everyone. But be warned: You will fight with each other while playing this game. Chewbacca wants to jump to a platform on the left; Boba Fett runs to the right to collect some coins. The game's camera can only pull back so far. Both of you get stuck (or Chewbacca falls into lava)

Chewbacca: Come to the left for a second.
Boba: I'm getting these coins.
Chewbacca: Come to the left! I'm trapped in the lava! Come! To! The! Left!

Left 4 Dead: The best! Fight zombies together. The game is actually designed to encourage team work. It's the central game concept. Hole up in an abandoned house together and try to survive until help arrives. "If I don't make it, remember I love you!"

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Tyler said...

Left 4 dead 2 is coming out, one of the levels is a zombie carnival...One of the new melee weapons is a cricket bat, it will be redonk.