Sunday, August 30, 2009

Drinks (and group picture (minus Alex)) after the last People in Your Neighborhood show.

Meador: I'm glad the last show was a good one. It was good right?
Megan: Yeah.
Me: It was good.
Meador: It's good to go out on a high note. Especially since, well, I mean, this was very likely my last improv show ever.
Me: Really?
Meador: Probably. My life is different now. With nursing I've got new stuff to focus on. Different priorities. So this is probably it.
[long pause]
Trupe: But not really. Nick will probably talk you into doing another show eventually.
Meador: Well, sure, yeah. That'll probably happen.

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wones said...

What a great picture of everyone! Except Nick. He looks like a henchman.