Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Uh oh, mice.

I put these poison pellets out months ago when Sarah thought she might have seen a mouse. They haven't been touched since. But this week, suddenly, something's been gobbling that shit up like crazy.

So, we have mice.

Exterminators came in and placed even more powerful poisons under various appliances and dressers. "As they die, the mice will seek out a water source, so that usually means they'll go outside and die out of your apartment."

That seems like wishful thinking to me, but we'll see. And by we'll see, I mean, probably we'll see lots of dead mice under our refrigerator.

Sarah: I'm nervous to have my glass of water next to the bed. I'm worried I'll wake up and find a mouse drinking out of it.
Me: "Sorry lady. I'm so thirsty. I've really been stuffing myself with poison. Ugh. I know I need to cut down. Sometimes I'm full, I know I don't need anymore but I keep eating it. And I tell myself again and again, this week I'm going to stop eating so much poison, but then it's always next week and then next week, you know?"


Shaun said...

I definitely have mice. They keep avoiding traps. I would put down poison, but I like to sleep in a tank of water.

Ryan said...

Maybe Blago's aides have been sneaking in and eating them.