Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Brief Guide to Video Games For Couples To Play Together Pt. 2

Rock Band: Fun. But it makes a real mess of your living room.

Trauma Center: New Blood: A great, over-the-top surgery game for the Wii. Early in our relationship we loved playing the first Trauma Center game and taking turns operating. We were excited that the sequel had co-op. We could operate together! But if you bicker during a LEGO game you will definitely bicker during a surgery game. "Great. He's dead. You need to inject him with the blue serum not the green serum."

Pixeljunk Monsters: I asked Sarah to write a quick review of this game since she loved it so much. Here's the Gchat conversation we had.

Sarah: PixelJunk Monsters: Super fun, but more fun when played alone.
Me: Really?
Sarah: technically...yes. I like playing it better alone. just because then I get to do everything.

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